Years of industry experience.
You can’t buy experience, so we’ll sell you ours. With the majority of PMP personnel having been in the engineering trade most of their working lives, we know what to do and do it well. That doesn’t mean we know it all & are not receptive to new ideas, techniques or methods. By continually adapting to customer demands & needs we are constantly changing & improving.

Together we make it happen. See our Services.
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Simple or Complex, the Specification counts
The devil is always in the detail and at PMP Ltd we look at the detail & specification required for each job. One size rarely fits all, so we always approach a job in an appropriate manner. Never overkill a simple job & don’t underestimate a complex job.
Metal pressings on time, first time.
Spot orders, shedules, call off’s or Kan Ban, just discuss how & when you want your order delivered & PMP Ltd will accommodate your requirements. We aim to satisfy our Customer’s needs. Contact us for more information
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Pressed Metal Products Ltd is a long established S.M.E. in the heart of the West Midlands, capable and competent in the Manufacture of Metal Pressings with up to 160 tonnes press capacity.



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